Garotas Escandalosas

Alguns não as suportam, outros não ligam e outras estão nessa situação. Mas e você, o que tem a dizer sobre isso? Ser escandolosa é algo ruim? Expresse a sua opinião!


Leeanne said...

That was me for sure, I have gotten a lot better at it, but it's still a problem.
I would have to relate my self with the type of girl who grew up in that silly enviroment and then it turned into a way for me to look for attention.
Either to look cool! Appear not to be as sad and lonely that I really was and pretty much just to put on a nice front about how I really was doing.

I must say I still find my self struggling with this most of all when I am with certain friends! They are so fun to be around but I know that we dont have to be as goofy as we are, its a bad habit that I'll look out for more!

It's about balance as you both mentioned and I will be aware of my behavior..

Thanks you both look absolutely beautiful!!!! =-)

Thamires Farias said...

Muito bacana! Curti o Blog de vocês, o assunto descontraído e divertido :)

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